About me

I am telling stories to re-connect humans with their heart and their unique talent.

For seventeen years I created commercial films in Southern Germany until I followed my first Call and left my business life behind me.
2010 I created my feature film 'The Big Black' who won the Golden Pegasus for Best Director in Korinthos (Greece).

“The Big Black” (2011)

Since 2015, together with my family - the Pegasus Family - I travel our beautiful planet to arouse awareness: For the simple fact that all life on Earth is our family.
'Citizen Animal' (2017) campaigned the laws of the animals, 'Root Republic' (2018) led us to Central America and into the very heart of plants & trees. 2020 we published 'Little Big Family' on our brothers & sisters who are microorganisms.
All three documentaries were shown at international festivals and won awards, e.g. in Chile, Venezuela, the U.S., Colombia and Israel.

The Pegasus Family: three humans & two chihuahuas

In July, 2018, I started my apprenticeship in Colombia. Dr. Fabio Alberto Ramirez and my indigenous teacher Taita Isaias Mahvisoy taught me how to communicate with the spirits of the plants.
I am sharing these teachings in my books 'My angels are green' and 'Radio Love' (available in German).
Last year I accepted my new mission: Being an ambassador of the plant spirits and sharing their deep wisdom with all of you.

Since August, 2019, my family and I live in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Perú.

Seit 2020 darf ich meine Erfahrungen mit Schamanismus und die wertvollen Nachrichten der Pflanzengeister, die ich channele, als Sprecher bei Online-Kongressen teilen:

“Medizin der Erde” von Christel Strobel
“World Peace Summit” von Matthias Walter
“Visionen Erde 2.0” und “Was dich nährt” von Iris Zimmer
“Planetbirth – die neue Erde beginnt jetzt!” von Christa Kandel
“Zeit des Wandels” von Alicia Kusumitra
“The Future is already here” von Annelore Vogel
“Transformation ins Licht” von Elvira Sternke