In everyone of us there live a unique force & talent. Inside the heart. Find this force. Find your heart's path.
And the fear will disappear...

I want to help you overcome the fear of coming into your power. To help you find the path of your heart and how to follow it in full trust.
Not by worn out concepts but through your own experience.

My indigenous teacher Taita Isaias Mahvisoy of the Ingano tribe in the South of Colombia

'Wyld Rose', this name was given to me by the spirit of the Rose in 2019. One year after I had learnt to communicate with the spirits of the plants in Mexico, Guatemala, Panamá & Colombia.

I have learned to dive deep into myself. And to accept everything I find there.
Because how can you get to know someone if you don't know yourself?
And how can you love if you don't love yourself?

From November, the Wyld Rose will take us on an adventurous quest:
Together we will plant the seeds of self-responsibility into our hearts.
We will learn who we are, deep inside.
We will open our hearts without fear.
We will spread our wings and lift off.
And we will ignite the fire in ourselves and thus activate our unique powers & talents. To contribute to a world which will be built on Love.

Stop being lived.